Martin Schmelz

Heidelberg University, Germany

Professor for Physiology, Director of the Dept. Experimental Pain Research, CBTM Mannheim, Heidelberg University, Germany.

Postgraduate professional career

Since 2017          Director of Dept. Experimental Pain Research, CBTM Mannheim, Heidelberg University

Since 2002          Karl-Feuerstein Professor, Dept. of Anesthesiology Mannheim, Heidelberg Univ; Heading the section for experimental pain research

1999 – 2002         Assistant Professor at the Dept. of Physiology, University Erlangen

1993 – 1999         Postdoc at Dept. of Physiology, University Erlangen Germany, Director: Prof. Dr. H.O. Handwerker

1991 – 1992         Internship Dept. of Occupational Medicine, Univ. Erlangen, Germany


Awards and honours:

2011                    Pfizer Visiting Professorship in Pain Medicine 2012 (Pittsburgh)

2003                    Carl-Ludwig Schleich Award

2003                    Sertürner Award

2003                    IASP collaborative research grant


Panels and coordinating functions:

2021 – 2022         Chair of IASP special interest group itch and pain

2015 – 2023         Steering committee member of the DFG CRC 1158

2018 – 2024         spokesperson research group translational pruritus research FOR2690

2015 – 2018         President / president elect of German IASP chapter

2005 – 2008         Speaker clinical CRC Pain „KFO 107“

2008, 2010          Scientific Committee IASP World Congress on Pain (Glasgow, Montreal)